miércoles, 16 de septiembre de 2009

How to alienate yourself (and why is it so healthy)

If you take that stone and throw it to them
Oh brother! What´s that gonna change?
If you swim against the current you´ll end cold dead
Oh brother! Is that your desire?

We can spend hours talking about urban decay
About drama and horror and the sins of men
We can play Curtis' teachings all over again
If you choose that, we can do it till death

But doesn't that make us a worst kind of slave?
There is a puppet master, yes
But are we not unhappier than the rest of them?
Being concious, and crying for the ones who aren't...

So brother! Let's just be watchers!
Let's pick that stone, yes. And hide it in our sleeves, just in case
Let's step aside current, and float while we watch from the distance
Let's live life laughing, and playing, and loving, and living

It's just a ride, so why bother, brother?

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