lunes, 29 de junio de 2009

Paisaje Introspectivo

As soon as I climbed down the mountain escaping the storm, I entered the valley. there was this green forest by the end of the lake, north from where I was standing. Something called me from there. I felt I had to answer the call, but the words wouldn't come out from my frozen lips. I also had forgotten how to speak. at that precise moment I was empty of any artificial language. in the end I decided that I really wouldn't need any, where I was. the enviroment embraced me, and so did I, and it was then when I realized the girl belong to that place, in a way I was yet beggining to understand. the reason why words were nonesense was that we were consciously linked. that is, linked in our consciences, belonging to the same source of all that is. at least for just a moment. it was also then, that I realized I'd fallen in love with the girl. for an instant i laughed at myself, I just thought, 'you're beggining to get used to it, every time you get there quicker and quicker, you don't even know her!'. but I did. She was the forest, she was the river and the lake, the valley and the mountain, and, just for a moment, she was me.

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